「STREK」はノルウェーのキリスト教雑誌です。弊社では挿絵のご依頼を頂き作成させて頂きました。「神は動物、鳥、魚、昆虫を、人間の為の単なる"資源"としてではなく、独自の価値を持っているので創造されました。 彼らには尊厳と独自の運命があります。 そして彼らは神の創造性と美に対する愛について”何か”を明らかにします」彼らの姿を見つめ直すことで私たちは”何か”に気付くことが出来るかもしれません。
STREK is a Norwegian Christian magazine. They try to find out what it means to follow the example of Jesus Christ in our particular time and age. This issue intends to portray animals in a different way than they normally are presented. Not as something humanity «owns» or can do what it pleases with. As pope Francis recently has stated: God created the animals, birds, fish and insects because they have a value of their own, not just as «resources» for human needs. They have a dignity and a destiny of their own. And they reveal something about the Creator God, about his creativity and his love of beauty.